GIORICO bracelets. Jewel, gift and souvenir.

Our bracelets get noticed wherever you wear them. Our dedication to quality and our exclusive design makes them a unique gift for friends and family abroad, and they will remind you of the special places you have visited.

These bracelets can be customized to show your love for your favorite team, or your pride for your company. There are no limits to your imagination. Dare to be different! Express yourself! A GIORICO bracelet will make you stand out from the crowd. You will never want to take it off, and everyone will ask you where you got it.

The compact design lets you combine a souvenir with jewelry. It will clearly show where your heart is, wherever it is. Proud of where you're from? Select your home country. Excited about your travels? Choose whatever country you like! Right now, we feature Czech Republic, Slovakia, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, England and Greenland. If your favorite isn't on the list, simply check out our individual design page.

New Zealand

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