1x New Zealand calendar in christmas packaging

1x New Zealand calendar in christmas packaging

South Island 2020 Calendar with photos by Jan Vodrazka in christmas packaging

13 € incl. VAT

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A Perfect gift for your family, when you are travelling around New Zealand. This calendar, titled "South Island" contains 13 great photos of New Zealand's natural landscapes.

We wrap the calendar in Christmas paper and will stick a tasteful Christmas label with the recipient's name on it (Dad, Mom etc.) We enclose a letter with a short message that you want us to deliver, pack everything in a solid carton to protect it during transportation and deliver it to the address you choose.

The price is incl. packaging. Delivery fees will be added before payment. If you want to send more calendars to one address, please check our special packages of 2-5pcs.

Please don´t forget to write the names of the people who will receive your gift and add a short message if you would like it included in the pack.

Calendars will be dispatched at the beginning of December to ensure that they arrive before the Christmas.


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