Classic store

Souvenir shops, information centers, hotels, guest houses and campsites, as well as castles, wine cellars... Just any place frequented by tourists, are a great opportunity for the sale of original bracelets GIORICO. Are you the owner, operator or manager of such a place? Do you like our bracelets? Contact us for cooperation.

PWhy work with us?

  • We prefer personal touch
    • we will visit you in person and introduce you our collection
  • Individual product packages
    • we will make you package of our products exactly according your demand
  • You´ve got something from it
    • we offer more than interesting margin
  • High quality
    • all our products have a great quality with 2 years warranty
  • No risk
    • we offer 100% guarantee of buying our products back, if you won´t sell to the agreed deadline and do not want to continue to sell. We will buy all back for the original price so you won´t lose anything.


Affiliate marketing

Do you have your own website, Facebook page, or are you the administrator of the Facebook group? Become a commission dealer. Help to build our czech quality brand and we will help you improve the ROI on your websites and facebook groups or pages.

All you have to do is get from us a special discount coupon for your visitors and place it on your website along with a link to our e-shop. There is nothing else you have to worry about.

Thanks to our system of commissions, there is a benefit for you and your visitors!

Do not wait and join our affiliate program today!


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